Friday, 4 August 2017

rich task(the wooden planks)

Name of problem: wooden planks(rich task) Describe the problem: there were 120 planks to make stem out of the wood ¾ of it was taken outside too used.1/10 of what was left and unused 7 planks were taken by a late group. These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem. (add more bullet points for each step) ¾ of 120 is 30 1/10 of 30 is 27 20 -7=20 20+20+20+20+20+20=120 Anser 1/6 Describe how you used 2 learning muscles: Making Links.we used our collaboration muscle by working together and helping each other if we're stuck on something.We also used our perseverance muscle to get the right answer . Photo of the task:

Friday, 28 July 2017

Term 3. this is my maths i really enjoyed doing this  cool maths and comment.
this is my name art i just wanted all you guys to see my creative name art .like and comment.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

in the holidays i went to the movies with my dad my sister and my mum we watched despicable me 3 it was really fun watching it. There was some really funny parts when the big fat pig was chewing on grew's` leg that was the funniest part of the movie. Me and my family got drinks ice creams and popcorn for free it was yum. After the movies we all went to town to buy clothes shoes lolly's and other things.I was hungry so me and my sister had MC Donald's and my mum and dad had subway. The next day my dad asked if me and my sister wanted $50 each or go to flip out and get some slime supplies. We both said flip out and slime supplies.So we went to go buy the supplies first and then went to flip out my holidays was awesome fun and amazing.that was my holidays.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

My Waka

                                                                My waka writing

I drew a strawberry on my art because my aunt has a job there and because i love strawberry”s.

I also drew  ice cream   because i like eating ice cream with my family when comedy movies are on Next i drew a firing pan with fried eggs in the pan because that is my dads favorite snack to have after work.

I drew a music player because i like listening to music before i go to bed.

I love singing so i drew a micro phone.

My favorite sport is hockey i drew a stick that looks like a upside down candy cane and i drew a round ball to hit.

I also drew a frozen ice block because it has been hot since the pass few days.

I love Chocolate biscuits because they are so nice to eat during  your break or after dinner.

I like swimming with my friends because It's fun to swim and relax in your pool.

      I drew a flower because  it   represents the rest of my family. The three stars represents the people that had died.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Our trip to Mohi Bush

When we went to mohi bush we had a really long bush walk. It took for ages to walk back to where we were.Then we headed out to the bush. We had to climb a little bit of the bush. I saw medium fantail birds flying over the enormous trees and I also heard a tui bird tweeting along. We stopped for a little snack and you could hear the cicadas loudly yelling out. Our group went up a really long steep wall and it was so muddy and we all slipped because of the wet mud. I also saw big and fat native worms crawling above the dirt. We were close to the exit we just had to walk over the big hill. We were now there “yay!”. No more walking and climbing “hooray!”.