Thursday, 18 May 2017

My Waka

                                                                My waka writing

I drew a strawberry on my art because my aunt has a job there and because i love strawberry”s.

I also drew  ice cream   because i like eating ice cream with my family when comedy movies are on Next i drew a firing pan with fried eggs in the pan because that is my dads favorite snack to have after work.

I drew a music player because i like listening to music before i go to bed.

I love singing so i drew a micro phone.

My favorite sport is hockey i drew a stick that looks like a upside down candy cane and i drew a round ball to hit.

I also drew a frozen ice block because it has been hot since the pass few days.

I love Chocolate biscuits because they are so nice to eat during  your break or after dinner.

I like swimming with my friends because It's fun to swim and relax in your pool.

      I drew a flower because  it   represents the rest of my family. The three stars represents the people that had died.